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SPA & Sauna

Planning your getaway early and ahead of everyone? Get our best deals here …

Staying more than 4 nights? We’ll make sure you feel like a local, at least for a couple of days …

The Royal View offers a tranquil oasis with the singular goal of pampering you. Our spa & sauna services will revive and replenish you with various treatments in a soothing setting.

Eli’s place

Prepare your taste buds and come down for a bite! Eli’s place is where you will enjoy your morning coffee and tea, and move on to a different setting right after breakfast.
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Steve’s Coffee House

In short, it’s a coffee haven to say the least. Our unique coffees and sweets are what set's Steve's Coffee House apart from the rest. All of our sweets, cakes, salads and sandwiches are daily and in-house made with the best quality of ingredients

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